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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Litany to the Saints of Bethany

Litany to the Saints of Bethany

Martha, always willing to
welcome Jesus at your home    
                                                                                                           - teach us confidence
you have stuck to Jesus,
when your brother had died                                                                   - teach us confidence

you have tamed the dragon                  
                                                                                                           - teach us confidence
Mary, friend of understanding                                                                - teach us devotion

Mary, regardless of the talk of the others                                                 - teach us devotion

Mary, tender and lavish                                                                         - teach us devotion

Lazarus, friend of the Lord                                                                      - teach us friendship

Lazarus, having come alive through Jesus                                                  - teach us friendship

Lazarus, generous and inviting                                                               - teach us friendship

Siblings of Bethany                                                                                - teach us how to love

Mary, mother, who sticks by her child                                              - teach us how to believe

Mary, sister of all who are powerless,
who believe and struggle                                                                             - teach us how to believe

Mary, who loves chastely                                                                             - teach us how to believe

Magdalene, freed to love by
the Lord                                                                                    - teach us not to give up on anyone

Magdalene, who has followed
Jesus to the cross                                                                       - teach us not to give up on anyone

Magdalene, herald of
the risen Christ                                                                        - teach us not to give up on anyone

John, the Lord’s favorite disciple                                                                     - teach us reliability

John, who has stuck with Jesus,
when all others fled                                                                                       -teach us reliability

John, to whom the Lord could
entrust His mother                                                                                       - teach us reliability

You women and men under the cross                                                          - teach us how to love
Joseph, you protected Mary and her
child from all suspicions                                                                                - teach us loyalty

Joseph, you followed the hints of God,
even if they thwarted your plans                                                                - teach us loyalty

Joseph, full of concern to the vulnerable                                                 - teach us loyalty

Fr. Lataste, converted converter                                                           - teach us inner freedom

Fr. Lataste, you returned their dignity
to the prisoners                                                                              - teach us inner freedom

Despite so much resistance, you have
defended Bethany as God’s deed                                                         - teach us inner freedom

Fr. Boulanger and all friends and
benefactors of Bethany                                                                      - teach us solidarity

You have helped Bethany out of so
many difficulties                                                                                     - teach us solidarity

You have taken an interest by sharing                                                    - teach us solidarity

You, whom Bethany owes its existence to                                               - teach us how to love

M. Henri Dominique, mother and sister
of all who have been entrusted to you                                                    - teach us mercy

M. Henri Dominique, you have led
Bethany with much courage and
knowledge of human nature                                                                        -teach us mercy

M. Henri Dominique, you have trusted
in God in all difficulties                                                                              - teach us mercy

Sr. Noel, you have nearly despaired
in your powerlessness                                                                   - teach us, not to predefine anyone

Sr. Noel, justified, because you
were willing to forgive                                                       - teach us, not to predefine anyone

Sr. Noel, you symbol that a
new start is really possible                                                              -teach us, not to predefine anyone

You sisters, who have built up
Bethany, you committed yourself
for it with heart and soul                                                                               - teach us perseverance

You have suffered so much and
experienced so much joy                                                                                - teach us perseverance

You lived together and for each
other in the enthusiasm of Jesus                                                                       - teach us perseverance

You founders and sisters of Bethany                                                                 - teach us how to love

Jesus, God, who became a human
being, in order to live with us                                                                             - love in us

Jesus, human being, who became
bread so as we may live                                                                                     - love in us

Jesus, center of our community                                                                          - love in us

*  Credit to Sister Hannah Rita Laue, O.P., a Dominican Sister of Bethany, for her drawing used with this Litany.

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