Monday, July 15, 2013

Love Before You Preach

I'm reading a lesson Pere Lataste was teaching to his student brothers.  He was their Novice Master.

The Lord ordered
us to do what he himself did;
he began loving before teaching
about it. He gave us the greatest
proof of his friendship he could by
having died for us. We have to love
each other, because we are brothers.
We have to love each other, because
we are members of the same
body. Brothers in Adam, brothers
in Jesus Christ2, members of one
body, which is humanity, the one
humanity regenerated in Jesus
Christ, our head. We have to love
even more deeply due to the close
bounds that unite us. It is neither
the hazard of birth nor the hazard
of the same country that makes
us brothers, but the choice of God

and our own choice.

Of course you can teach or preach without that love.  That's what 99% of them do.  But it's this empathetic love that makes you one of the best.  Love the people.  Open yourself up to them.  Is that so hard?

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