A Plea

A plea from Fr. Jeffrey Steel from De Cura Animarum

Please Support the Saint Barnabas Society

I would like to let readers know of a very important charity set up for convert clergy who find their way home to the Catholic Church. There have been a number of men with families who have recently converted or are about to be received into the Catholic church who may undoubtedly benefit from the charitable organisation. With the prospects of many Anglican clergy faced with the important decision about their futures and concerns for family members if they are to make such a move, the society is there to help families settle into their new way of life by gracious grants. These are the gifts of visionaries who have seen the great benefit of helping those who, in faith, make the journey home. As we know, there are numerous former Anglican clergy who are now Catholic priests who faithfully serve the Church in offering Mass and the other sacraments to the faithful. Pope Benedict XVI has recently acknowledged the gifts they bring to the Church by his generosity seen in Anglicanorum Coetibus.

Therefore, can I humbly ask that readers graciously consider supporting the Saint Barnabas Society by making a donation or regular donations to a very important cause. Relieving the anxiety of family responsibilities for clergy who in conscience feel it is time to become united to the See of Peter will do a lot to help comfort them as they make this journey.

Please pass on the St Barnabas Society website and if able, please do make a donation and remember to pray for these men and their families who are stepping out in faith. I also would like to ask, that this post be linked to other blogs so that the word can spread as much as possible. Thank you very much! Please pray for the Society and its work.

Donate Here.
St Barnabas Society is a registered charity.
Registered with the Charity Commission No. 1009910
A Company Limited by guarantee
Registered in England No. 2645233

Also of interest is the American Coming of Home Network.


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