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Monday, December 5, 2022

Christmas Present



This ornament is a depiction of the high school, I graduated from.  It was Presentation of Mary and it was in The Searles Estate. That's what the words read.  

I was very, very surprised to receive it.  A few years ago, I was surfing Facebook and I looked up my high school and saw a name I thought I recognized.  Actually, it was the wrong person, but we posted back and forth via FB.  

Last week, she messaged me on FB and told me she found something that made her think of me.  What was my address?  Like a fool, I gave it to her.  Ever since then, I've been kicking myself--what if the message wasn't from her?  What if it were a scammer?  How could I be so stupid to just give out my address without verifying that it came from my friend?

Fortunately, it was legit.  It came in today's mail.  What a blessing!  The Searles Estate was a castle and I was blessed to have gone there.  Just a few years ago it was sold to another school.  

All things are passing; only God abides.

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