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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Paean to 2020

 Plandemic Plunder: An Acrostic Ironic Paean to 2020
by Dr. David Lang               

What has thrown the world afret,
Heaved the human race on edge?
Only greed to own the planet,
Gain all wealth and privilege.


A project to enslave the earth:

To hatch a scheme from hellish gates

Escaped the minds who count for worth

Some dire plot to seal our fates.


Foretell the future horror show

And sketch the tale that waits in store:

Unless they’re sure to let us know,

Consent won’t satisfy their gore.


Indeed, the masses must be herds;

Compliance weighs as bars of gold:

Delight for men who prey like birds,

Control the paths for lambs to fold.


Entrấnce by fear these blinded sheep!

Vaccines will save – or so they feel!

Instead, the cattle form a heap

Like lab rats dealt without appeal.


Wuhan bats an eye and stares,

Envisions carnage (massive scale);

Forensic audit then compares

Rows of wounded (dead and pale).


Election fraud and tests’ deceit

Surround a scene of burning plight,

Encase a year (insane defeat),

Time when might conflicts with right.

Close the churches, lock the schools,

And watch where arrows point to walk!

Make sure to follow all the rules,

Prepare to censor dissenting talk.


Come and join the new world order,

O you vast deluded bird-cage!

Mask your face, bare your shoulder:

Mark the place for beastly image.


Unfurl the flag of subjugation,

Negate the freedom bought with valor,

Imbibe the panic: flagellation

Serves the masters’ feeding terror.


May we learn a lesson taught:

Going headlong to security

Opens up the door to despots,

Deprives of both free lives and safety.

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