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Monday, March 1, 2021

If I Were...

 Meditating on Jesus carrying the cross, I can feel different emotions.  If I were with His Mother, Mary, I would just keep my arm around her to pull her close to me.  I would not be able to find any words to say to her, just hug her close.

If I were alone, depending upon the crowd surrounding me I might react differently.  Alone, I would be beside myself with compassion.  I'd be a mess.  My heart would be broken open.

If I were with fellow followers, we would all be weeping together. Our prayers would be audible.

If I were in with a crowd of "haters".  I would just be silent and dying inside, so incredibly sad.  Would I be ashamed because my hero was demoted to this horrendous spectacle?  I don't think so.  I believe He is Who He says He is.  I might be confused, but my tremendous sorrow would be so overwhelming that I'd be traumatized into debilitating shock.

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