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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Personality Quirks


This is being shared on Facebook.  Here are my friends:
A.  Clara but uses it to play with her cat who loves wax paper.
B.  Acronyms are used by government employees.
C. I confess.  It's me.  I give it to people with bad breath.
D. That's me, too.  After I pour the milk, I heat it for 30 seconds in the microwave because cold milk gives my teeth "frozen ache."  Yes I put ice cream in the microwave, too.  And my cat has to have her milk at room temperature.  What can I say, we're sensitive.
E.  That's everybody in the Senior Center.
F.  That my oldest daughter, she's a clever decorator.
G.  That might be me too.  How do I know if people watch them or not?
H. That's Jim.  His lists are on his cell phone with a calendar.  
I.  I haven't seen that since 7th grade.
J. All my grandchildren.
K.  No one.
L.  Hubby.  Every place he goes, he loads up on the condiments.

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