Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Tree of Life

First, it was in today's second reading for the Seventh Sunday of Easter, Rev.22: 14.  There was mention of the tree of life. Then in my morning readings there was mention of the tree of life being off limits to the descendants of Adam and Eve (Gen. 3: 22-23.  AND!  Then came Prov. 3:18, where Wisdom herself is a tree of life; while wickedness leads to death, the right path leads to life (Prov. 2:18-19; 4:13; 6:23; 12:28).

What really gives me pause is the fact that the Book of Revelation brings up the tree of life in the very last words of the Bible.  Revelation is the last book in the Bible.  Chapter 22 is the last chapter in Revelation.

You had better pray for me because the fruits of my contemplation yield some irreverent images.  I get that the tree is for all, but not everyone chooses the path to get to the tree.  So just to make sure I won't stray from the path that leads to the tree of life, I picture building a tree house in its branches.  I'm living there--away from everybody and everything that could lead me away from God.  I'll be safe in the branches of the tree of life.

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