Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Real Reason Why May Is Revered

May 13th marked the occasion of Our Blessed Mother's apparition in Fatima, Portugal.  I was reading a homily by Father Leo S. I. Mwenda and he focuses on an important point.  Many people may think that Mary is honored because of her relationship to Jesus.  After all, she is the Mother of God.  But before that, she did something that precludes her pregnancy.  Yes!  She accepted. Think about it.  Before conceiving, she had to say, "yes."  This is the real reason Mary is revered and I may say, emulated.  We should all copy her "yes."  This is called her "fiat."  So be it!

Not only should we trust in God's will for us, we should also copy her behavior and attitude.  We should dress as Mary would.  We should speak what Mary would say.  Better, we should pray as Mary would pray.

And!  Blog like Mary would blog.

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