Monday, May 23, 2016

Bad = Cursed Abominably

Yesterday's post concerned suicide.  Today I'm still stuck on suicide but I'm reflecting more on the thoughts of people contemplating suicide.  It just so happens that this morning's readings for the Monday after Trinity Sunday are on Job 2: 10. Didn't Job's retort to his wife, "Are even you going to speak as senseless women do?  we accept good things from God: and should we not accept evil?" bring me back to why people contemplate suicide!

IOW, the rain falls on the good and bad.  Life happens.


It's easy to philosophize and give advice; it's altogether different when it's personally your bad.  I get that.  And I thank God that so far, my bad hasn't been too bad.  However, I see other people's bad and see that some cope even better than ever.

I'm thinking of Andre Dubus II. I think he became a better writer when he became wheelchair bound.  Another acquaintance who had both legs amputated became a better person overall without legs.  Everyone thought and said so.  And he, himself, recognized that he thought and felt more whole when he saw that he wasn't physically whole.

Why do some people rise above their circumstances and others don't?  Counseling?  Acceptance of God's will?

Is it just a matter of attitude?  Can people make themselves accept and rise above the bad, and be happy where they are?

Worse, would be accepting and trying to make the best of it, and you can't.  Trying and failing.

Lord, where are you in all this?  Am I speaking like senseless women do?  Help me understand, Lord, and certainly help all those who are truly living the "bad".  Let them feel Your Love.

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