Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Jubilee Event

Prayer vigil to "Dry the tears" is a Jubilee event to be held on May 5 at the Vatican.  The prayer vigil is for all those in need of consolation and will be presided over by Pope Francis in Saint Peter's Basilica.  Here I've posted some readings, in conjunction with "Dry the tears."

John 14   In Sorrow                                When loved ones fail you    Psalm 27

Psalm 51  When you have sinned           When you worry    Matthew 6: 19-34

Psalm 91  When you are in danger          When you have the blues   Psalm 34

Isaiah 40 When you are discouraged       When God seems far away  Psalm 139

Psalm 23  When you are lonely               When you feel down   Romans 8: 39

Matt 11: 25-30  When traveling              When you need courage   Joshua 1

1 Cor 13  When I'm critical                     When I need help   Isaiah 55

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