Thursday, January 28, 2016

What Will You Request of the Lord?

January 28th, is the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas.  In reading one of Aquinas' conferences I was reminded of a story about him.  It seems that during one meditation, Thomas had a vision of Jesus.  They conversed.  St. Thomas was commended by Jesus for writing so well about Him.  Then Jesus asked Aquinas what reward he wanted for all he had done and written.  The saint answered.

 "Non nisi te, Domine" -- only you, Lord. 

 This story reminded me of when the Lord asked King Solomon the same question.
"Make a request of me, and I will grant it to you."  (2 Chronicles 1: 7)

Solomon answered differently than St. Thomas Aquinas.  But God was pleased with Solomon's request.

Give me, therefore, wisdom and knowledge to lead this people...

Not only did God give Solomon wisdom and knowledge, but also riches and glory.

I compared the two requests.  St. Thomas Aquinas is well known for his wisdom and knowledge.  So he didn't have to ask for that.  He already had it.  And he was smart enough to ask for what is really important--God.

What would I ask for?  I'm not wise, so maybe I should ask what Solomon asked for--wisdom and knowledge.  But when I was given wisdom maybe then I'd see that I should have asked for what Thomas Aquinas asked.  I think I should just copy what the smart person requested.

Only you, Lord.

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