Thursday, January 7, 2016

There Are No Accidents

First, I confused my days and thought I had a R.C.I.A. class today.  I didn't.  So since I was there, I thought I'd stop in and visit the facilitator of the novices, especially since I'm the Formation Director.  There was a class for novices going on.  It's a good thing I went because I discovered a grave error, on my part.  The Module the novices were working on, was the Rule of the Lay Fraternity of St. Dominic.  Well, novices don't have the Rule.  We've been awarding them to novices when they are advancing to Temporary Promises.  We should have been awarding them to postulants, not novices.  Here's poor Steve talking about the Rule, and these guys don't have the Rule in front of them.

Regardless, Steve did a good job.  We discussed the Rule in general.  Then he read a few things out loud, for the men.  The discussion was fruitful.

When I was leaving the building, I walked out with the minister of the Refuge Church.  When he asked how my day was going, I told him it wasn't going very well because I made a scheduling mistake and came in for R.C.I.A. and there was none.  He responded with, "There are no accidents."

He's right.

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