Friday, January 1, 2016

It Works Best

Handmade by a "Cloistered Brother"

The feel of my favorite rosary brings me to prayer.  Just seeing it draws me.  I like the tiny, smooth and shiny feel under my finger tips.  Feeling it under my pillow gives me comfort.  I just think pray, whenever I see or feel it.

Dominican Rosary
My fav
The same isn't true for other rosary beads.  You'd think my Dominican rosary would be my favorite.  But it's not.  It's too big and has too many added medals.  You'd think the rosary my "cloistered brother" made for me would be special.  I even have a rosary blessed by both Blessed Pere Lataste and the Master of the Dominican Order.  It's a corded rosary but is always twisted and I usually spend my time pulling on it to straighten it out, rather than remembering where I am.

No, it's this small sterling one.  I don't even remember where I purchased it.  But I love it so.

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