Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Eucharist as Spiritual Carb

Why do people run?  I mean as a hobby.  It must make them feel good.  Some describe it as a runner's high.  My son and daughter, who are runners, say they have never attained that kind of "high." They do like the feel of their muscles when they run.  It makes them feel healthy.

Today, I went with my son and daughter to pick up their numbers for tomorrow's Falmouth Road Race.  There was an expo of sorts of all things associated with either the town of Falmouth or running or health. The thought did occur to me that "running" is some people's religion.  They treat their bodies as temples.  Well, it is, but too much would be idol worship and that what I'm talking about.  Oddly, many drink beer as if running and drinking went hand and hand.  Many tee shirts alluded to that idea.

St. Paul must have been a runner, hence his allusion to finishing the race: 2 Tim 4:7 and 1 Cor 9:24.
And tonight at the four o'clock Mass, Msgr. Avila's homily was all about running the spiritual race.  I think he did an excellent comparison between the running the spiritual race and the Falmouth Road Race, and "carbing up" and the Bread of Life, which is the Eucharist.  He talked about getting into spiritual shape to win the final race.  The Eucharist is the spiritual carbohydrate to give you the energy to win.

I also loved the blessing Msgr. gave to the runners.  First, he praised God for their lives, for the good weather, for the race itself.  He gave thanks for their ability to compete.  He asked God to take care of them and protect them from injuries. He asked for blessings of joy for their knowledge of Whom they owe everything. May they run the good race.


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