Wednesday, August 12, 2015


In Christian art, the white rose is a symbol of purity, the yellow rose perfection and papal benediction, and in T.O.P.S. you're a K.O.P.S.  T.O.P.S. is an international group focused on healthy living.  The initials stand for Take Off Pounds Sensibly.  When you've reached your goal, you become a K.O.P.S. -- Keep Off Pounds Sensibly.

The red rose is a symbol of martyrdom.  The rose is a frequent symbol of the Blessed Mother.  The thorns have an interesting symbolic story.  Since the Blessed Mother was free of original sin, she is referred to the "rose without thorns."  In the Garden of Eden, the rose didn't have any thorns; the thorns came when roses grew on earth.  So think of man's fall from grace, when you stab yourself on the thorns.  

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