Sunday, August 9, 2015

St. Dominic's Compassion

My  Lay Dominican Chapter is still celebrating the blessed solemnity of Saint Dominic.  We did some reflections on the stories about Saint Dominic, today.  There is one story that relates the situation of a man who unfortunately had been taken into slavery.  Dominic was going to offer himself up to replace the man, but the captive was released before that exchange could happen.

Dominic often could be heard crying, himself.  And if you could understand his mutterings, you would have heard begging God's mercy for us sinners.  One of the brothers wrote:

So wonderfully tender-hearted was he touching the sins and miseries of men, that when he (Dominic) came near any city or town from where he could overlook it, he would burst into tears at the thought of the miseries of mankind, of the sins committed therein, and of the numbers who were [headed for destruction].  (Conway and Jarrett, Lives of the Brethren, p. 56) as quoted in Praying with Dominic by Michael Monshau, o.p.

Meditating upon this quote, we prayed.

Try praying the name Jesus until you have focused on His presence within you.  Think of one of your own shortcomings, and pray:

Lord, have mercy.

Think of another and pray:

Christ, have mercy.

Keep on going:

Lord, have mercy.

Pray like this until you can't think of any more faults.  Now ask Jesus to give you the graces necessary to become a more merciful and compassionate person.

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