Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Orange Jumpsuits Fit Men and Women

Last night (early morning), I finished Orange is the new Black by Piper Kerman.  I thought the book was excellent and an easy read.  However, my "cloistered brothers" scoff and dismiss the scenarios with disparaging remarks: "She was in a country club."  "If she was in with Sister Ardeth Platte then she had easy time.

Of course, everyone's experience is different.  One of my "cloistered brothers" tells of his introduction to prison.  Whereas Piper Kerman was given a welcome basket of toiletries, he was given a stack of National Geographics.  WTF?

It turned out that as he was walking through the door he was shanked.  Fortunately, the wound was minor.  That's what the National Geographics were for--protection.  He should have placed them around his waist.  This was done to see what you are about.  My "cloistered brother" didn't snitch, so he was "OK".

Father Gordon MacRae tells of his walking into prison for the first time with the chant, "Kill the priest.  Kill the priest.  Kill the priest...."

Every institution is different.  I still liked Orange is the New Black.

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