Monday, August 10, 2015

A Letter from Jesus

Last week one of my R.C.I.A. candidates asked me a question I had never thought of.  This is my candidate that was a Wiccan.  As a wiccan, he didn't believe in Jesus.  So my job is to convince him that Jesus is who He says He is.  Well, my inquirer asked, "How come Jesus never wrote anything?"  He went on to elaborate about how common sense would demand that someone as important as Jesus would leave a paper trail.

The answer boils down to the culture of the times.  Jesus' culture was "oral".  They told stories and passed them down.  Besides, where would Jesus have gotten the paper to write.  Papyrus and animal skins were expensive and nobody from Jesus' strata could have gotten ahold of them.  Also, why would you want to write to people who didn't know how to read?

Someone also expressed the thought that people thought the world was going to end soon, so why worry about leaving a paper trail?

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