Friday, August 14, 2015

Dumb Bunnies

One of my favorite stories from the lives of saints is Saint Martin De Porres.  Legend has it that he  could talk to animals.  The story goes that the priory was becoming overrun with mice, so Martin had a talk with them and they didn’t bother the priory, anymore.  They were everywhere but they were never seen in the priory again.

I always thought that Martin laid out food for the mice in the barn.  Why go hunt for food in the priory when you can get it more easily in the barn?

That was until this year.  Rabbits are eating my flowers and vegetables.  I tried pulling the De Porres trick.  I leave lots of lettuce and vegetable scrapes out for the animals, so they’ll leave my garden alone.  They don’t.  So what’s wrong, St. Martin de Porres?

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