Saturday, August 29, 2015

Litany for my "Cloistered Brothers"

R.  Lord have mercy on me

When I can’t accept the past:     R.
When I feel all locked up:       R.
When I despair:                R. 
When I can’t forgive:     R. 
When I feel the world hates me:  R. 
When I am lonely:        R. 
When the day never ends:      R. 
When I am overshadow by darkness: R. 
When I’ve lost hope:     R. 
When I have no one:      R. 
When I hurt:      R. 
When I fall into sin:   R. 
When I am afraid:     R. 
When I see no point to living:   R. 
When problems overwhelm:    R. 
When I am judged:    R. 
When You seem distant:   R. 
Closing Prayer

O Merciful God, I see You tortured and thrown into prison.  I see You shamed in Your nakedness before the crowd.  I see the confused hurt in Your Mother’s eyes. Help me Lord in Your compassion to keep my faith, and hope to be with You in paradise.  I love You.  You are all I have.  It is in Your Eucharist that I taste your sweetness.  We become One.  May I have the grace to feel the effects of Your Redemption forever.

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