Thursday, July 23, 2015

Some People Aren't Good Sports

Lesley A. Diehl, author of A Sporting Murder
Someone in the doctor’s office asked me what I was chuckling about.  I told them I was reading a funny book.  They read the title; “Sporting Murder doesn’t look like a comedy.”  It’s not.  A Sporting Murder by Lesley A. Diehl, is a crime novel.  The investigator, Eve Appel is the main protagonist.  She is the one I was chuckling about.  Her turn of phrase, wise-ass comments and unexpressed thoughts had me laughing. 

Eve’s circle of friends is a good group.  Her boyfriend, Alex, and girlfriend Frida are the professional crime investigators.  But Eve solves the crime.  There are others that help also: Madeleine—Eve’s business partner, Sammy—handsome Indian friend, Sam’s grandfather—always available to help, Grandy , who I gather is a grandmother, and Nappi, who often pulls strings that only a mobster king pin could.  I can’t forget Jerry, although Eve would like to (inside joke, read the book).

I didn’t mention David because he was out commission in this story, although without him they’d be no story.  David is Madeleine’s boyfriend.  He owns a ranch next to a jerk of a neighbor, Reed.  Both ranches are like “dude style” ranches that offer hunting.  Only David’s hunting is legal and Reed’s isn’t. 

A customer is found dead on David’s ranch, shot with David’s gun.  There’s more evidence and it all points to David.  So David is in jail.  Everyone is involved in some way in trying to prove that David is innocent.  The easiest way to do that is to find the real killer.

It could be a grieving mother who harbors a grudge.  It could be someone who wants to buy David’s ranch cheap.  It could have been a hunter.  Then again, it could be a crooked sheriff. 

The reader will be never be certain of the killer until the end.  The book is fast paced.  The character development is delineated well.  The characters are likeable, annoying, and so very much like everyone’s circle of friends that all will be able to identify.  The reader will love them and the book.  Although I received the book for free for review purposes, I didn’t promise to like the book, but I did.  I didn’t have to give A Sporting Murder a good review, but I consider my review positive.  It’s fun, interesting, and easy to read.

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I love the doctor's office story, Faith! It's always good when a book can give you so much more than you expected. Thanks for the review! :)

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