Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Omnipotence, Freedom, and Evil

There's no end to this discussion.  In our Lay Dominican Study Group, my "cloistered brothers" and I were discussing the age old dilemma of how an  omnipotent God could allow evil if He's omnipotent.  We had no absolute definite answer.  In fact we had more questions than answers.

One thing for sure in this particular study group--they know evil.  I also, as all humans, know evil.  However, they are stigmatized by society's definition of evil.  But for our intents, we defined evil as turning from God, turning away from Love.  The further away from God's love--the more evil.

That's about all we agreed on.  We didn't agree on God's omnipotence.  He may be omnipotent but doesn't choose to control all--not that He couldn't--He just chooses not to.  Then is He omnipotent?  Would a good God do that?

There must be nothing God is not able to do.  Then do away with evil.

Does our freedom to choose make us independent of God?  But God knows all, so He knows what we will choose.  Isn't that predestination?  If we are predestined to choose what we choose, then isn't that a contradiction of free will?

What about evil being part of God's plan and we see it as "evil" but it's really not?  God's goodness is beyond our experience, so maybe our understanding of evil isn't complete, either.

We never finished the discussion.  This post will continue, as the discussion continues, next month, at our Lay Dominican Study Group. 

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