Friday, July 31, 2015

Our Lady of Hope Prayer Group

Ester bakes a birthday cake for Don
Whenever people upset me, I always find solace in my prayer group, Our Lady of Hope Prayer Group.  I can't take too much negativity.  The people in the prayer group are joyful.  They love their faith with optimistic faithfulness.  They are just happy and confident.

When I can't take any more criticism, when my feelings are bruised, when I'm frustrated, I drag myself into Our Lady of Hope and find myself showered in healthy, strong prayer.  I am literally lifted up. None of us have much theology, but we know our faith.  We defend and love it.  We invite others to experience Jesus and the Church.  We live the Gospel.

It's home.  It's safe.  We are one family that prays for our parish.  I pray everyone has such  joyful, and caring support.  We thank God for the blessing of each other.

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