Sunday, July 5, 2015

Come As You Are Party

Many people think they should dress up for Mass.  Some even want women to have their hair covered.   I can see why when I see people come to Mass dressed for the beach.  However, more often, I think the way people dress should be the way they usually dress.  Let me explain.

When I came out of the side door from Sunday Mass this morning, I notice a group of bicycles.  I'd say between 5-10 bikes were parked on the lawn.  I thought it rather nice that a family, or a bike club, stopped at Mass, on the way to their bike excursion.  Mass was crowded so I didn't notice any people wearing bike gear, but I'm sure that if they bicycled to church, the women weren't wearing dresses, high heels, and mantillas, nor the men wearing business suits.

Believe me or not, this led me to a meditation.  Does God care how we dress to worship Him?

It depends.  If church is a special occasion for you, then yes, dress for God.  This is special.

However, if church is something you do every day, even two or three times a day, then going to church isn't a special occasion; it's more like "home."  Before I retired, I went to daily Mass, stopped back into church to pray on my lunch hour, then more often than not, had to go back to church, at night, for prayer group, or Bible study, or book club, or women's club, etc.  You get the idea?

I think it's nice to see a cop at church, or any uniform at Mass.  It shows that this man or woman thinks going to Mass before work, is an important way to start their day.  I think the same for kids in sports' uniforms.

Not to mention the poor homeless people that frequent our Masses.  I don't want them ever to feel unwanted because they aren't dressed properly.

So when I think of it.  Everyone is welcome to Mass.  Our church is universal and that means everyone is welcome.  Come as you are.

One of my favorite Masses is St. Rocco's Mass.  My parish puts on an Italian Festa every year.  Father celebrates a very late Mass on Saturday for the workers.  It's after the fair closes on Saturday, like 10:00 PM.  We workers all go dressed in our work clothes.   When I look around I see people wearing aprons, security uniforms, kids with face paint on, cops, clowns, and all of us tired, sweaty, and devout.  It reminds me of the kind of people Jesus attracted.  The Catholic Church is composed of all, not just the "dressed up."


Anonymous said...

Think there is something to be said for dressing up on Sunday. All the good things we have come from God including our bodies. Seems to me it's nice to bring the nicer things He's blessed us with to mass as a way of thanking Him and being intentionally aware of His blessings to us. How much greater our praise? But not to do it as a fashion show. Just as a way of bring our best to mass because it all came from Him. When you give someone a gift, don't you love seeing them enjoy it? Use it? When you really appreciate it, don't you say, thanks! It's a way of showing Him how we take care of what he has given us. It doesn't have to be a fashion show, just our better things. Of course if someone works or had one of those days, sure show up in what you are wearing. And everyone else mind their own business. But if you show up in your slumming around the house clothes every week…maybe…maybe….it's time to at least go office casual. :-)

Faith said...

Good and sensible view. I agree.

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