Friday, July 3, 2015


The thunder storm finally broke.  It had been threatening for hours.  “Well, we can use the rain, that’s for sure.”

Ma was in the kitchen doing the dishes.  She was talking to me but I was busy shutting windows and wiping wet windowsills. 

When I finally finished and went into the kitchen I was surprised to see Ma crying.

“What’s the matter?”

“Don’t pay any attention to me.  I’m just being an old fool.”

“C’mon, what happened?”

“I was reminiscing about when you were little and afraid of the thunder and we told you it was the angels bowling.  Do you remember that?”

“I certainly do.  And I also remember that I didn’t know what bowling was but I knew if angels were involved, it was OK.”

The conversation ended right then and there because the rain turned to hail and was pelting out a rhythm on the metal deck furniture.  “Well Ma, what are the angels doing now?”

“Playing marbles.”

“Throwing away moth balls.”

“Testing percussion instruments.”

“Playing with the kittens.”

“Playing with the kittens?”

“You know like you tease Tabby with the catnip ball.”


“You want to go bowling?”  We both went out the door smiling.

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