Sunday, March 8, 2015

Third Sunday of Lent

Sunday is a day of rest.  Pray, "Lord, I want to consecrate myself to You, through Mary."  This Sunday while you are in church, go by the statue of Mary.  Kiss your fingers and place them on the statue.  In this way, you are kissing Mary.  Nice?


Joann / Lioness said...

God makes it so easy for us to touch His Heart and that of His Mother. I'm sending Mother Mary kisses right now.

Faith said...

The first time I saw somebody do this I was at Adoration. A mother and son came into the Chapel. I could see her explain to her son what was going on. She also read to him from a children's book she brought with her. Upon leaving, they stopped in front of the statue of Our Lady of Grace. She then picked her son up and balanced him on the pedestal. She took his foot and had him step on the snake. Lastly, she took his little hand and placed it inside Mary's.
My heart melted right then and there. It was so beautiful. I was blessed to see it.

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