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Day Thirty-Four Consecration to Mary for the 21st Century / A Lenten Journey

Day Thirty-Four Consecration to Mary for the 21st Century/A Lenten Journey     

                                     Day Thirty-Four

Saturday of the Fifth Week of Lent

Prayers for this week, Days 29-34 in Lent:

Begin each day with "Let us praise Our Almighty Father, who wished that Mary, His Son's Mother, be celebrated by each generation.  I ask, Mary full of grace, intercede for me."

First Meditation

Meditate upon the concept of the rosary.  The rosary, itself, is not a mandate.  It is not the Mass.  It is not the Divine Office.  It is a unique method of prayer.  Many religions have prayer beads, e.i., Buddhists, Muslims, etc..  So it is a form of prayer for many.  For Catholics, it is a prayer that uses Mary to bring us to Jesus.  Who better to introduce us to someone, anyone, but their own mother?  Mary does this.  The rosary gives us a picture of the gospels through the heart of a mother.  You can use the rosary in meditation, petition, praise, mantra, and even instruction.  You can pray it aloone or with others.  What a gift!  The rosary is such a great gift of grace that offers so many different methods of prayer to all tastes, that it must be divinely inspired.  Thank God for the gift of the rosary.

Second Meditation

Pray these intercessions.
Let us glorify Our Lord Jesus, who chose the Virgin Mary for His mother.  Let us ask Him:
 R> May your mother intercede for us, Lord.
Son of Justice, the immaculate Virgin was the white dawn announcing Your rising,
--grant that we may always live in the light of Your coming.
Lord, help us imitate Mary, Your mother, who chose the best part,
--may we seek the food that will sustain us for ever.
Savior of the world, by your redeeming might you preserved Your mother beforehand from all stain of sin,
--keep watch over us, lest we sin.
You are our redeemer, Who made the immaculate Virgin Mary Your purest home and the sanctuary of the Holy Spirit,
--make us temples of Your Spirit for ever.

Third Meditation

Read the lyrics to this hymn, Mary the Dawn.  Meditate how Mary shows the way to Jesus.

Mary the dawn,                                              Christ the Perfect Day;
Mary the gate,                                                Christ the Heavenly Way!
Mary the root,                                                 Christ the Mystic Vine;
Mary the grape,                                               Christ the Sacred Wine:
Mary the wheat,                                              Christ the Living Bread;
Mary the stem,                                                Christ the Rose blood-red!
Mary the font,                                                 Christ the Cleansing Flood;
Mary the cup,                                                 Christ the Saving Blood!
Mary the temple,                                             Christ the temple's Lord;
Mary the shrine,                                               Christ the God adored!
Mary the beacon,                                             Christ the Haven's Rest;
Mary the mirror,                                                Christ the Vision Blest!
Mary the mother, Christ the mother's Son
By all things blest while endless ages run.  Amen.

Now end the day with the prayer, "We fly to thy patronage, O Holy Mother of God; despice not our petitions in our necessities, but deliver us always from all dangers: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Amen"

End your day with an examination of conscience--even in bed.
What good did I do today?
Where did I fail?
How can I do better?

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