Friday, March 15, 2013

One Reason to Confess to your Parish Priest

During my life, I've been blessed with wonderful guides, soul mates.  I thank God for them.  My sister was my mother/best friend/sister, as I grew up.  I wonder how people can grow up without someone like her.  Once I got married, my husband was my husband/ best friend/soul mate.  Plus all along the journey, I make friends, and I usually have a few very close friends.

These people know me well. When we're together, no one has to talk.  We communicate soul to soul.

This is like baring your soul in confession.  If you go regularly to your parish priest for confession, he'll get to know you.  He'll see patterns.  He'll direct you spiritually because he's learned how you think.  He knows what kind of person you are.  He will become like a very close friend.

I had forgotten this, while I was going for Spiritual Direction with AQ.  He always began spiritual direction with confession.  So for quite awhile, I had no need to go to confession in my parish, I went to AQ.  But since he moved away, I've been going to my parish priest.  And now when I see Father, I feel like we're best friends.  He knows me well. He's like a comfortable old friend.

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