Friday, March 8, 2013

Family Dynamics

Me and Mom
Dad and his one true Faith

It's a wonder that we grow up, at all, considering the families we grew up in. That's what I was thinking when I read, Father Tadeusz Pacholczyk, today, in the Pilot.  I understand his point.  The best parents are models for their children, i.e., one male and one female.  That you need these two sexes to grow up normal.

In a perfect world, I agree.  Actually, even now, I agree.  What I don't agree with are the examples and studies he uses.  I don't think there's such a thing as perfect parents (including hubby and myself).  We do the best we can, and pray.

The examples rubbed me the wrong way.  Of course, Fr. Tad was talking about two active homosexuals bringing up children.  But I know many, many people who were brought up by same
sexes and are as normal as others.  What about children whose father died and they were brought up by a single parent mother and their grandmother?  A single mother and big sister?

How about a single mother with a family of girls and one boy?  Won't that affect him?

Isn't any loving parent better than abusive mothers and fathers?

How about being brought up in an orphanage?

I know prison inmates that say they were brought up in prison?

I know prison inmates that say they never knew what a family was, until they joined a religious community, in prison.

This world is a fallen state.  God help us all, especially the little children.    

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