Thursday, March 14, 2013

Memory Loss

How quickly we forget!  Most of time when I read about the Israelites forgetting about the God that had delivered them out of Egypt, I wonder how could they forget?  God does so much for them.

Then I remember that we are not so different.  Today's Mass reading from the book of Exodus tells of God's wrath against the Israelites who had made a molten calf and were worshiping THAT.  Moses talks God out of it.  While I wonder how the Israelites could be so faithless, I see that God really wants to be merciful.  He even forgives the idol worshipers.  All we have to do ask for mercy.

We do the same.  Once when I was visiting my brother, we went to Mass.  The way this parish distributed communion, had people walking around the pews to get back to their seat.  As I was passing the back, I remembered seeing this one pretty lady.  She stood out because she was so pretty.  She also was the only Asian.

After Mass, as we were caught in the traffic exiting church, I saw this same lady,crying.  She was walking along, on the sidewalk.  There was a man behind her, yelling at her, and shoving her along.  We sat in our cars and watched.  I remember praying for that lady.

They had just come out of church.  That's even less time, then the Israelites coming out of Egypt.  And that man forgot.

Lord forgive us.  We are fickle, unmindful, thoughtless, miserable examples of your creation.  Have mercy on us.  

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