Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Art thou the only stranger in Jerusalem who does not know the things that have happened...?

This morning I was reading Dominican Daily, specifically Br. Raymund Synder, O.P., Smoke and Frescoes: the Papal Buzzand , and I was provoked to scream.

It is a pet peeve of mine  that people who are selfish, self-centered, self absorbed, self-interested, self-involved, and egocentric boors, absolve their boorish behavior in smug self-righteous, holier than thou justification.  The article, Smoke and Frescoes: the Papal Buzz, is the perfect example.

Br. Raymund waxes poetic how admirable it is to remain above the fray.

"B" as in B___, and "S" as in S___.

Your neighbor needs you, and you are unaware.  How will you know this and call for help, unless you look out the window and see smoke coming out of his house?
A natural disaster has occurred in your country.  How will you be able to go help, unless you watch TV, listen to the radio, read media reports?
A far-off country is at war and needs prayers and money.  How will you be able to respond, unless you are alert to what's happening in the world?
The Jews are being slaughtered in concentration camps.  How can you demand for something to be done, unless you listen and see?
A man has been assaulted and thrown in a ditch?  How can a Samaritan respond, unless he is alert to his surroundings?
Sede Vacante.  How do you pray for the judicious discernment of the cardinal electors, unless you pay attention to the media?

Art thou the only stranger in Jerusalem who does not know the things that have happened there in these days?  (Luke 24: 18-19)

Where have you been?  Have you been on a toot for the past three days?  Were you in a coma?  Didn't you notice how dark it became, three days ago; the sun darkened and the curtain of the temple was torn down the middle?  How could you not know?

Jesus, the Christ was crucified, and according to scriptures rose after three days, proving that He is the long awaited Messiah and atoning for mankind's sins and breaking the bonds of Satan and...

How could you not know?  Oh, I see.  You practice custody of the eyes.  You don't want to commit the sin of curiositas.

I think it is better to err on the side of curiosity than pharisaic excuses. I think God prefers the spirit rather than the words.  I mean, stay alert to what's happening.  You don't have to live for it, but pay attention.  Don't be LAZY and justify your apathetic behavior by cloaking it in attributions of religious beatitudes.

I am reminded of a joke a religious Sister once told me.  She told of a Sister who was looking at the newspapers spread out on the table and inquired;

"Who is this poor unfortunate woman, Pearl Harbor, that was attacked?"

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