Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kitty and the Granddaughter

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Once upon a time there was a little granddaughter that had a favorite chair to sit in, whenever she came to visit her grandparents.  She had tried the big recliner that Grandpa always sat in, but that was not comfortable for her.  It was too hard to get up and into, and impossible to get out of.  She also tried the couch that was Grandma's favorite place.  But that wasn't cosy enough, unless Grandma was sitting beside her, reading a story.

So Grandpa bought his little granddaughter her very own chair.  It was perfect for her.  It was pretty.  It fit her size.  It was comfortable,  It rocked if she wanted it to.  And it was nice and soft.  She liked it very much.

In Grandma and Grandpa's house lived a big bad wolf a naughty kitty.  Whenever the Granddaughter was in the same room, or just happened to cross the kitty's path, that naughty kitty would hiss at her.  This frightened the little girl.  Besides, that kitty was always watching the granddaughter with an evil eye.  And that's not nice.

One time when the granddaughter was not visiting her grandparents, the kitty had the nerve to jump up and into the little girl's chair.  She even took a nap in it!

But just then, the granddaughter came to visit.  When she came into the room and saw the kitty asleep in her favorite chair, she screamed.  "Out, Out!  Bad Kitty."  And then the granddaughter HISSED at the kitty!

The kitty was so frightened that she jumped off the chair, and scampered out of the room so fast that she knocked over a plant.

Later on, Grandma found the kitty hiding under her bed.

And the naughty kitty never took a nap in the granddaughter's favorite chair, again.  

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