Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Enjoying Christmas

I'm getting ready for two Christmas parties, this week.  Trying to stay healthy, only eat nutritious food--not junk, and also enjoy the Advent season, can be a challenge.  So I was looking at my club's suggestions, on its web site.  There was one video there that I took notes from.  I'd put it on this blog, but I don't have the expertise to do that.  It's the one in the middle, entitled, "Creating Your Holiday Experience."

While there were many good tips, the one I want to highlight is focusing on "what's important for you in this particular season."  Even if you say THE FOOD, you can still enjoy and not feel guilty.

Now make a list of what you love most about Christmas:
presents, decorations, atmosphere, people, religious ceremonies, parties, music, parties, food, etc.

Next, think what it is that you love about the items in your list.

I, personally, picked atmosphere.  Included in that are the affect that atmosphere has on people.  Some of that atmosphere is religious, and most of the "people" are my direct family members.  So I'm going to concentrate on the exterior decorations, music, and not too much food.  I'm plan to make my home a welcoming, Christmas event.

Even if I had picked FOOD, I would stress portion control.  Abstinence makes one feel deprived.  So unless you're fasting for religious reasons, don't.  You'll end up bingeing. Eat a LITTLE of everything.

One good piece of advice I picked up from the video was when you're visiting another's party (you're not in control of the menu).  Sometimes you can't be polite and refuse the food the host is pushing on you.  In that case, you say you're full and ask to take it home.  Take a bite, and say, "mmmm...delicious, may I have the recipe?"

You definitely don't want to hurt anybody during the Christmas season; or any season!

Enjoy what's important: how you decorate your home, the church's decorations, the Town Common's decorations, neighbors' homes.  Wish everyone well.  Pray for everyone you meet.  Sing carols.  Bless everyone with your love, not necessarily food.  Have a blessed Advent.

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