Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Blessings

Appatition of Benoite Rencurel
Perhaps "The best Christmas present ever," or "My first Christmas present,"  or "My favorite Christmas present," or even "Surprise Present," should have been the title.  I am overwhelmed with happiness, gratitude, and the thoughtfulness of someone I have never met.

What am I talking about?  I'm talking about the present I received today, Christmas Eve, from Patrick Robles.  Out of the blue, arrived a padded envelope in the mail.  The return address said Patrick Robles...France.

Yes, France--across the Atlantic from me.  What on earth, is a man whom I have never met, (he's a Face Book friend), sending me.  Inside are a couple of holy cards, a post card, and a bottle of holy oil from Notre Dame du Laus.

I had no idea of what Notre Dame du Laus was, is, or whatever.

Of course I googled it, and I've been spending the last hour, happily reading about Benoite Rencurel.  Reading about Benoitre, alone is a blessing.  I consider being introduced to her a Christmas present!

She was a simple peasant French girl, living in the seventeenth century.  She was blessed to receive many apparitions--many, many.  Read about her and love her.  And the best part was that she was a Third Order Dominican.  That's what is now called a Lay Dominican.  I love her for this, and the fact that she was who she was--a humble, simple, pious, obedient, faithful servant of God.

I considered Patrick's introducing me to Benoite Rencurel and Notre Dame du Laus, one of the best presents I've ever received.  And I also appreciate the Huile de la Lampe du Sanctuaire de Notre-Dame du Laus, the post card, and the holy cards and information, too.

Joyeux Noel Patrick!

Here's Patrick Robles:

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