Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Preparing for St. Dominic's Feast Day

Happy Feast of St. Dominic!  August 8th.   Aren’t we blessed to be Catholics?  Not only do we celebrate special holy days, like St. Dominic’s, but every Sunday, when we attend a liturgical celebration of the Eucharist.
To help put you into a celebratory mood, let’s see what you’re going to do on August 8th.

Dominic is our inspiration and role model.  Which aspect of Dominic is closest to you, and what prayers appeal to you?

  1.  What picture of Dominic do you like best?
a.       Holding Lily
b.      Studying
c.       Walking
d.      Receiving Rosary

  1.  When do you pray for Dominic’s intercession?
a.       Before giving Talks
b.      Before explaining the church’s position
c.       When in doubt
d.      Before Bible Study

  1.  My favorite story about Dominic is
a.       Converting the inn keeper
b.      Selling his books
c.       Meeting St. Francis
d.      Seeing the Blessed Mother

  1.  Excepting Dominic, who is your favorite Dominic saint
a.       Pius V
b.      Thomas Aquinas
c.       Martin de Pores
d.      Catherine of Siena

  1. My favorite Dominican prayer
a.       Litany of St. Dominic
b.      Dominican Litany of Saints
c.       Rosary
d.      Salve Regina

If you chose mostly (a), you feel the most comfortable with Dominic as Master.  You identify with authority, and are a loyal and faithful Dominican.  Spend August 8th enjoying a lecture http://www.ordopraedicatorum.org/preaching/video/

(b) You identify with Dominic’s combining the intellect with the spiritual.  You love to read theology and argue.  You are a born Dominican.  Spend August 8th at the library.

(c) You identify with Dominic’s preaching love and concern: “What will happen to the sinners?”  Dominic was a gentle, compassionate soul and you love him for this.  Celebrate St. Dominic’s feast by visiting those in prison, or read about our newly beatified, Pere Lataste, who was a true son of Dominic: http://www.3op.org/eLumenate_Spring_2012.pdf

(d)  You like Dominic’s contemplative and mystical side.  You find Lectio Divina easy.  St. Dominic is a strong intercessor for you.  Spend some time with Jesus on St. Dominic’s Day, and go to Adoration. 

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