Friday, July 20, 2012

Fenway Park

Green Monster

A couple of days I went on one of the tours Fenway Park is offering, to celebrate being 100 years old. These are some of the things that impressed me:

The Yawkey Family is one of my new heroes.

  •  Tom Yawkey's favorite saying was  "Be patient, take the bad with the good and never look back."  My very best favorite hero, Fr. Lataste would agree.  The frame of reference is of course, different, Yawkey's baseball, and Lataste's prisoners.  But still.
  • When Tom Yawkey turned 30 he inherited his trust fund and immediately bought the Red Sox.
  • Jean Yawkey mixed the green for the green monster and copyrighted the shade.
  • Tom Yawkey spent good money on the Red Sox and never saw them win a World Series.  He did all he could.  I love the man because it was the game he loved.  He treated all fairly.  Even Ted Williams, who wasn't known for his kindness said of Yawkey, when Yawkey died, "I feel so badly, I don't know what to say.  He had a heart as big as a watermelon.  I loved the man from the bottom of my heart...."
  • Fenway is the oldest park in baseball.
  • The longest ball hit was in Fenway.  The seat where it landed is painted red.
Happy Birthday Fenway Park!

Longest Hit Ball in Red Seat
Faith at Fenway Park
Statue of Ted Williams

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