Monday, April 18, 2011

Preparing for Holy Week

I plan to do more Lectio Divina during Holy Week.  I hope to get to Confession.  I just want to make it better than my usual devotions.  Tonight, I was thinking of Our Lord's Passion.  In particular, I thought of the thorns that were smacked down in Jesus' skull.  It brought to mind the thorns that scratched me, while on vacation.

We were walking around Fr. Amsterdam, on Sint Maarten.  There was a dock in the middle of the bay, that I was trying to get a picture of.  But my angle made the dock look like it was attached to land.  The dock was surrounded by water because it was for divers.  The dock had a bar on it, where divers could get a drink, that's why it was in the middle of the bay.  So I was walking down the side of the hill, through bushes that were scratchy.  The thorns got worse and worse and when I felt blood drip down my legs, I gave up and turned around.  I thought of Jesus' crown of thorns then, and I think of them now.

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