Thursday, April 28, 2011

Father Gordon MacRae

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Father Gordon MacRae is  the blogger of These Stone Walls.  These Stone Walls is about the life of a wrongly imprisoned priest.  Fr. Gordon has been imprisoned for over 20 years for crimes he didn't do.  He could have been released a long time ago, if he had said he was guilty. But he's not.  He is incarcerated in Concord, N.H.

When you read about what has happened to him, you'll shake your head with unbelief.  He is sentenced to 67 years in maximum security, which is twenty times more than if he had pleaded guilty.

The brothers who accused him are the only people who came forward.  They accused other priests, also.  It appears that these brothers are "serial" victims, instead of Fr. Gordon being a serial offender.  There are many questions regarding the truthfulness of the accusers, as well as the integrity of the entire investigation.

Read up on it.  I'm sure you'll agree that a travesty of justice is being perpetrated.  Please pray for Fr. MacRae to keep his hope and ministry positive.  Pray for justice.  Pray that he will win his appeal.  Pray that Father Gordon MacRae and other falsely accused priests find consolation in Christ the prisoner. Pray that bishops will support these priests.

It's a shame that the sex abuse scandal began with revelations from real victims from real abuse.  But it has morphed too many times into a money grabbing scheme.

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Geoffrey Miller said...

The problem is, he did plead guilty. Stories about Fr. Gordon MacRae aren't adding up.

Faith said...

As one of the editors of These Stone Walls, your message was forwarded to me. I think you know that Fr. Gordon MacRae has no online access in prison, so I will answer on his behalf. I'm not surprised that articles like this one are circulating. The 2003 article you referred to has, in my opinion, no veracity at all. I should point out that a reporter from this newspaper visited Fr. MacRae in prison after this article appeared, and he gave her an enormous amount of information and documentation refuting these details. She later visited a second time, and told him that her paper and editor are "so anti-Catholic they won't let me print a story about a falsely accused priest."

Two years later in 2005, The Wall Street Journal investigated this case and each of the claimants, most of whom made demands for money without filing charges, and the WSJ determined that this entire case was a massive fraud.

I have researched this case thoroughly, and I know others who have as well, including two retired FBI agents. They have found not a single person with a legitimate claim against this priest. I have recently published my own investigative report on this case and I am including the link with a suggestion that you send it to the person who sent you this article. Thanks for keeping an open mind and heart to the truth.


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