Saturday, January 3, 2009


Take Off Pounds Sensibly is a club I belong to. I won't call it a diet club because I used it to gain weight, when I had Cronkhite Canada Syndrome. It's a health support group. I call it that because the people in the group sometimes belong to Weight Watches, Jenny Craig, Overeaters Anonymous and others of that ilk. We come together and talk about what works and we show concern for each other. I joined a few years ago to loose 20 pounds. I was losing, but then I got sick and lost 58 pounds in a month. That was way, way, way too much. I had to gain back 30 pounds to be healthy. I was doing fine until December. Every meeting I had a Christmas luncheon to attend. There was also Christmas baking. I received a lot of chocolate.

Anyway, the result is, without the support of T.O.P.S., I have gained 10 pounds. I can't go to the meeting, this week, either. I have a doctor's appointment--the gastroenterologist who treated me for Cronkhite Canada. I wonder if he'll say anything about my weight.

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