Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jury Duty

The most important thing about jury duty is that you can't talk about it--until after the trial. So be it. So after the trial, I'll write about my impressions. I'll probably not write about the trial, but my impressions about my fellow jurors, the court environment, and other peripherals.

I am exhausted from it. I have to get up an hour earlier. I ride in with traffic going to Boston. That's something I'm not use to. It makes a 20 minute trip, a harrowing hour. And that's with moving traffic!

Afterwards, I go to work, and TRY to do what's important. But the work and demands are piling up and grasping at me.

On top of that, I'm out every night this week. Last night was an Arise Training Workshop. Tonight a web committee meeting. Tomorrow is Pilates. I was going to skip that, but believe it or not, I actually feel better, after a Pilates class. I always think I'm too tired, and then after the session, I'm always glad I went.

Then the next day is Friday, finally. TGIF

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