Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Prayers Answered

About two weeks ago I received a Jury Confirmation card that I was suppose to fill out and bring with me when I go to serve. I couldn't find that card. I prayed to St. Anthony. I looked everywhere. No card.

I was frantic, but I thought that if I got my mind off the loss, I'd relax and maybe I'd remember where I put it. So I went out to lunch. I went shopping at Walmart. I came home and made supper. Then I settled down at the computer to finish my newsletter. Every once in awhile I'd think of that jury card and say a prayer. But no luck.

I have to digress a bit. In my newsletter, I had asked if anyone wanted a patron saint for the year to write to me. One young lady asked for one. In telling me a little about herself, she said she wasn't married and lived with her parents to take care of them. They were elderly. So I googled "patron saint for those who take care of the infirm and elderly." I wasn't expecting much, but there were a few entries.

I linked to a few of them and read, but nothing struck me. Then I read about Tobit and the Archangel Raphael. In short, Tobit took care of his father, who was blind. The Archangel Raphael came to help them. This appealed to me. If Raphael could take care of Tobit and his family then he can take care of the young lady who asked for a patron saint. But I needed to reference the chapter and verse, so I got out my Bible.

Guess what was in the Bible.

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