Friday, January 16, 2009

Objective v. Perspective

Tonight I was watching Greater Boston with Emily Rooney. The participants were discussing whether the White House Press Corps should have more Black representation. Some felt that it didn't matter--in fact if they were to have more diversity, it would just be token diversity. Jeff Jocoby in the Globe was quoted as opining that the objective should be good reporting not diversity. However, Callie Crossley, whom I admire, commented that objectivity was not the issue. Perspective should be the aim. Callie referenced a few examples of how different perspectives really added to a story.

Callie is right on. Perspective does add to a story. But realistically, doesn't everybody have their own perspective? How can every single race, ethnic group, religion, age, political party, gender, sexual orientation, ...whatever, be represented? Should majorities only be hired? Minorities only?

Is this too complicated? Why not just take the best for the job?

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