Friday, January 2, 2009

The Rosary

As I prayed my Rosary today, I realized that praying the Rosary is a technique. It's tactile, mental, contemplative, and can be personal or communal. It can be prayed whatever way is best for you.
Tactile because you finger the beads. I like to walk while praying because that helps me focus, and also burn calories! It's mental because I place the appropriate mystery in my mind. It's contemplative because it can bring one deeper into prayer to Jesus. There's the repetitive formula that centers you into that anthropological phenomenon of centering, or union with God. Finally, when I have the opportunity to pray in community, especially with my prayer group, Our Lady of Hope Charismatic Prayer Group, or my Lay Dominican Chapter, Our Lady of Mercy Chapter, I sometimes can feel people praying in unison. It's an auditory lifting of our voices to our Lord. You know what I mean?

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