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The other night in my writing workshop I was given the prompt, "freckles."  How appropriate, that I should be given that particular one!

In five minutes I wrote.

My mother tells me that the sun loves me very much.  And to prove his love for me, he kisses me.  That kiss from the sun leaves a freckle.

My sister tells me not to worry, they'll fade as I get older.

My brother tells me to wear makeup to hide them.

Daddy tells me to forget about them, besides, he likes them.  He thinks they're cute, and makes him think sunny, happy thoughts.

I believe them all:
     *  the sun loves me
     *  they will fade in time
     *  makeup can disguise them
     *  Daddy likes them

They're cute.  They make people think sunny, happy thoughts.

So?  I was only give five minutes to write!

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