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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Book Reviewing

Finally, Catholic Fiction has their act together.  Or maybe it's me.  I've sent in a few reviews and I've never seen them posted.  They're up now.

I highly recommend their site.  I'm getting tired of reading and reviewing books by authors who obviously are sticking in sex and violence to sell their book.  Worse, are authors who have gay characters, only to appeal to a larger audience.  The story line has nothing whatsoever to do with the characters being gay, so there you are reading and waiting for that theme or some sort of prejudice to come into the story, but nothing comes of it.  Come on, develop the character's story or leave it out.  

That's why I enjoy the books at Catholic Fiction.  You can read the review, then go buy the book. There are classics that you've forgotten about, but should read, always have wanted to read, and now you're reminded of them.  Plus, plenty of new authors, you will want to try out. It's a reader's heaven.

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