Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dancing Shadows, Tramping Hooves

Dancing ShadowsTramping Hooves is the name of a collection of short stories by Dianne Ascroft.     
They really are short, short stories.  That’s what I liked about them.  You could read one in one sitting.  And they are nice family friendly tales.  You could read them aloud to any group, without censorship.  Any one of them could be published in the local newspaper, as a common interest story. 

There are six stories, altogether.  My favorite was the last story, “Going Home.”  The author explores the definition of home, in this thought provoking story.  In an original twist, the daughter kept referring to her childhood home as “home,” even though she had moved away many years ago.  I think anyone who has experienced moving away from home, can relate to it.

The reader can tell that these stories relate to the author’s life, who in real life, is an American living in Ireland.  Her Irish neighbors are her inspiration.  But they could be anybody’s neighbors.  There’s more to her stories than the story line.  As “Much More Than A Dancer,” leads to deeper insights than a budding romance, all the stories are “Much More…”  Book Clubs will have great discussions.

I received a free e-copy of Dancing Shadows by Tribute Books.  No other compensation was received and my review is my honest evaluation.

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