Friday, April 25, 2014

My Best Book

As a blogger, and gluttonous reader (belong to two book clubs and writer of reviews for Tribute Books, Tuscany Press, and Catholic Fiction), I love the flow, sound, and images of written language.  I just love the written word.  But the book I always return to, more than Island of the World, more than The Liturgy of Flowers in a Mary Garden, and David Lang's Does The Bible Support Catholic Beliefs, is the Bible.

The aforementioned books meet certain needs I have in certain moments.  Reflection comes from Island of the World and The Liturgy of Flowers....  The Liturgy of Flowers... gives me inspiration and beauty.  (See You Tube above.) The Island... offers hope and imagination.  David's book is well worn from thumbing.  It's my "go to" reference book.

But the Bible is so much more than that.  Hardly a day doesn't go by, in which I don't  have a need to look up something.  It has everything for everybody: wisdom, direction, help in various situations, love letters and poetry, warnings, and instructions for life.  It's God's manual for how to live your life.  This is all in one book.  See how great our God is!

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