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Saturday, April 5, 2014


One of the pillars in the Order of Preachers (commonly known as Dominicans) is community.  Because of this, prayers are being offered for the members of our family in the Ukraine, and everywhere else in the world, where the  family is residing in turmoil.

The students of Bologna, who are blessed to have the Ark of St. Dominic in their chapel, have an oil lamp as a symbol of this prayer of community.  The Ark is where St. Dominic's remains lie.

Every week, the students, after compline, with the chanting of Spem Miram, process to the Ark of St. Dominic.  They light an oil lamp which is kept going as a sign of the ongoing prayers that are offered for the Dominican family in Kiev, Ukraine, and wherever else our family is in trouble.  A portion of the oil from the lamp will be sent to those who need our prayers, and another portion will be sent to the Master of the Order.

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