Losing Weight with a Rosary

I found myself sitting next to a president of St. Mary's Catholic Women's Club, at today's T.O.P.S.' meeting.  Since T.O.P.S. is about "Take Off Pounds Sensibly", we were talking about how our week went--weight wise.

Since three days out of seven this week, I partied with heavy "fat" food, I'm sorry to say, I gained a couple of pounds.  I had two St. Patrick Day parties.  That means two kinds of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, squash, turnips, carrots, parsnips, and Irish bread.  And you know how dry Irish bread is unless you slather it with butter or jam?  And don't forget the green beer!

Besides, last night was a friend's birthday party.

These are real excuses.  I don't even consider them excuses.  They're so real that they're reasons, not excuses.

Although I gained, my Catholic friend didn't.  Still she complained.  She bemoaned the fact that her weight never changes.  It's always the same.  She also said that her meals are for the most part, the same.  Very rarely, is there a change in her meal plans.

We looked at what she ate, and it was a healthy plan for her age, and height.  Then I asked her about her exercise.


She doesn't exercise.  She said she knows she should but she can't work up the motivation to get up off the couch.

I asked her if she prayed the Rosary.  She replied, "No."

Again, like exercise, she'd like to pray the Rosary, but she can't work up the motivation.

"Well, here you go!"  Walk around praying the Rosary.  You can walk around the apartment, if you don't want to go outside.  There's the solution.  She'd be killing two birds with one stone, i.e., physical and spiritual exercising.   

Our Pope Emeritus walks while praying the Rosary.  If an 85 year old man can do it, so can she.

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